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I organize several masterclasses in order to share experiences about drawing and painting. It's a perfect way for improving your way of creating.

Just below, few themes, purposes and pictures about last sessions. If you want to know next workshops, follow my instagram page. You can also ask me to create a masterclass for a team of your company, or simply as a gift for a group of your family. 

Masterclass in Puisaye (Burgundy), 2 days for "plein-air" painting, with tempera and gouaches (all public) —
July 2023

Annotating landscapes with gouaches


Eugene Delacroix’s sketchbooks are interesting examples of annotated drawings. Gouache and watercolor spot highlights complete his imprints with information useful to the full comprehension of a scene or details added after the image is finished. Color can not only be used as an important part of the image but also for means

of indication just like stage directions inform us about what is being acted in front of the spectator in a play.

In such instances, the sketchbook becomes more of a tool of documentation concerning the trip than a simple testimony.

From my book 'Pour le dessin / For drawing'.

Peintures sur le motif réalisées par une stagiaire -

Claire Piot

Masterclass in Martinique & Guadeloupe, 2 weeks for practicing drawing with art & design teachers —
June 2023

With the colleagues in Saint-Pierre

(Lycée Victor Anicet - Martinique)

Around drawings in Basse-Terre (Lycée Nicolo - Guadeloupe)

Drawing at Jardin Balata - Martinique

Very big thanks to the colleagues and especially to Karine Nicolas at Lycée Nicolo and Jonathan Kin-Foo

at Lycée Anicet for their help during this masterclass.

Masterclass in China, 6 weeks during 5 years for practicing drawing with young teachers —
October 2009 to 2018.

With my students at Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute during a workshop of calligraphy and flowers drawing course.

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